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Mad Libs Game

Made libs is a game where you create a story by filling in blanks with words.

Let's try making this game in Python.

Mad Libs

How it works

  1. First, we will make a template for the story with few blanks
  2. Next, we will fill in the blank with user input (input())
  3. Lastly, we will print that entire sentence

Making the game in Python

  1. Make a template
    • Let's set "Roses are ?. Violets are ?. And I like ?." as the template
    • {} is the placeholder for the blanks
sentence = "Roses are {}. Violets are {}. And I like {}."
  1. Ask the user for the values of the blanks
    • We will use input() to get the user's input (fw, sw, and tw)
fw = input("Adjective   : ")
sw = input("Adjective 2 : ")
tw = input("Person's name: ")
  1. Fill in the blanks in the template
    • Using the format() method will replace all the blanks with the user's input
finish = sentence.format(fw, sw, tw)
  1. Printing
    • We will print the finished story

Checking your work