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Data Type

Different numbers, alphebets, lists are called 'Data Types'.

For example, putting anything inside "" is a string.

weather = "sunny"

Finding out the data type

Using type() function, we can find out the data type of the variable.

print(type("Hello, World"))

<class 'str'>is the result of running the code above.

It means "Hello World" is a string class, which basically means it is a string type.

Checking the data type

isinstance() is a function that checkes if the variable is a sepcfici type.

Put the variable inside the parentheses, and the type of the variable inside the parentheses (2nd

The result will be either True or False

Because "sunny" is a string, isinstance("sunny", str) will return True.

In Python, string means letters and we use str. :::

import Quiz from 'react-quiz-component';