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Python Installation

We need to install a program (Compiler) that can translate Python code into 0s and 1s.

To learn more about it, visit Official Python Site.


Click 'Download Python'

Python Homepage

Open Python Installation Window

Python Download

Enable Everything & Customize Installation

Installation Helper

Enable Everything & Next


Enable option 1 ~ 5 & Instasll


Finish & Close & Restart Computer



Windows: use cmd and and type in the following

Mac: use Terminal and and type in the following

python --version

If there are no errors, the installation is complete.

If there are errors, please follow the steps above.

Terminal CMD

Options Explanation

Add Python 3.10 to PATHWhether to use the 'Python' command (only need this in windows)
DocumentationWhether to download the offline documentation
PIPUsing the python installation helper
tcl/tck and IDLEGUI library and IDLE (Basic Python code runner)
Python test suiteTest kit
py launcherPython exe file direct launcher
Install for all usersWhether to use for all computer users
Associate files with Python (requires the py launcher)Associating files like '.py' with Python
Create shortcuts for intalled applicationsAdding a shortcut for Python tools on Desktop
Precompile standard libraryPrecompile all the tools often used in Python