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String Method

What is a method?

A method is a function that is associated with a class.

This might not make sense, but basically it is a feature we can use to do something with a data type.

For example, we can use the .split method to split a string into pieces.

Here, the .split is a method to split a string data

Lowercase and Uppercase methods

It is very important to know about these methods.

In English and a few other languages, the lowercase and uppercase is a very important difference.

To make sure we can handle these differences, we need to turn one into the other.

Usually, uppercase is turned to a lower case with the lower() method.


These kinds of method is usually used to handle inputs.

Other uper/lower methodsExplanation
title()To a title-format (Make every character in front of a word uppercase)
upper()Transform into an uppercase
isupper()Check if the string is uppercase
islower()Check if the string is lowercase


The len() method is used for checking how long a string is.


len is the shortened word for 'length'.


The index() method will help you find where a 'substring' is located.

Substring is a part of a string, and the index is the position of the substring.

print('abcdef'.index('abc')) # prints 0

If there is no substring, it will throw an error.


Operators are used to perform mathematical operations.

In strings, they are used like a method shortcut.


This operator returns a Boolean of whether a substring exists in a string.

print('abc' in 'abcdef') # prints True


This operator is used to concatenate two strings.

print('abc' + 'def') # prints abcdef

Concatenate means to combine together.


This operator is used to repeat a string.

print('abc' * 3) # prints abcabcabc

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